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When Winifred Otto receives a letter out of the blue from a man claiming to be her father - she couldn’t help but feel this was her chance for change. For her entire life she had nothing and was nothing. With not even a hint at her parents' identity, Winifred had always dreamed of attending grand balls and courting in society. Her moment was now.

In London, Winifred attends her first ball and catches the eye of the Duke. Unfortunately his surly attitude and immediate distrust of her, puts Winifred on the defensive. When the two continue to find themselves inadvertently put together the tension is undeniable, but will the truth of Winifred’s birth tear them apart?

"The writing was spot on and held my attention. "

"I love a good juice book turner in the romance side of things. "

"This up-and-coming author is definitely one to watch out for!"


"I felt happiness and contentment coming from the characters. They seemed relatable and satisfied in their bubble. I was immediately thinking of the next book! "

"I enjoyed the writing style! It felt very much on point with the genre of historical romance but it also had a distinctive quality."

"I am eager for more in the series. It was left in a good position to add new features and characters in. "

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Author bio

Prudence King is a mother of twins, and lives in the midwest United States. With an education in business and sales, post pandemic life motivated her to chase her dreams and not just the 9-5. Prudence is an avid reader, which set her on the path to writing. The first novel she ever read was Black Beauty followed shortly after by Little Women; thus her love of Victorian and Regency novels began. Emerald for a Duke is Prudence King’s debut novel, but she has many more planned for the series.

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Book Two in the Jewels of The Ton Series

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